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Health and Well Being Policy 

Sustain SA encourages  and operates a workplace environment that supports healthy lifestyle choices. We do this by encouraging walking meetings; and, cycling to and from work. A commitment to meditation solitude and  thinking power naps are  encouraged in our work environment. Our office has access to natural light and air, with indoor plants to contribute to our wellbeing  and connecting us to nature. 

Environment and Sustainability  Policy 

Sustain SA has a commitment to create opportunities to enhance people, prosperity and planet. We do this by  working towards becoming a zero carbon impact  business, working on projects that have a net positive benefit  and reduce environmental harm. We support the science around climate change and work collaboratively with others to advocate for change.   Our One Planet Living Plan is evidence of our commitment to our holistic approach to sustainability. 

Safety Policy

Safety is a core policy of Sustain SA that drives continuous improvement in providing a safe environment in which we work and in which we work with others. 

Accountability Policy 

Sustain SA will treat the people it works with; and who work with us, to deliver project outcomes with respect, it will provide quality assurance process's that meet clients needs and will be ethical in the approach it takes to market and in its operations. 

Terms and conditions policy 

Sustain SA has a policy for payments to be received 14 days after receiving our invoice and 25% upfront payment of fees on the commencement of work unless otherwise agreed between the parties. In relation to IP we generally share IP produced through a project unless we bring IP to the project at which time we hold the IP rights and copyright to that material. In relation to payment of invoices our policy is to pay within14 - 30 days of having received an invoice unless other wise agreed. 

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