Our Markets

  • Australia

  • China

  • Sth East Asia

  • Malaysia

  • ​​India


Acting Locally - Impacting and Exporting Globally


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Our Projects

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Photographs on this page are used for illustration and not directed at our projects . The source with  description and relationship to Sustain SA work is included on resource's and references page

Our Areas of Expertise

  • ​Sustainable and Healthy Communities
  • Living Lab Innovation Enabler
  • Corporate Change Management 
  • Community Behaviour Change Strategies
  • Sponge City Planning and Delivery
  • Low Carbon Planning and Living
  • Climate Change
  • ​Environmental Sustainable Development


Australian Living Lab Innovation Network 
Adelaide Design Alliance
Australia China Aged Care Consortium
Sponge City China
Green Infrastructure Projects Penang

​A- Z Carbon Neutral Entrepreneurs Challenge 

​​​Past Projects

​Exporting Design Architectural Services to China

Gawler Environmental Management Plan

CRC for Low Carbon Living - Adelaide Living Lab

Design Futures Adelaide 2040 - AIUS  SA

National Buildings Energy Efficiency Program

Local Government - Climate Change and Planning Policy

​Collaborative Consulting - Environmental Solution Innovation Hub